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Dan and his three friends Josè, Mahesh and Jorunn are getting ready for their camping trip. While they buy various things in different shops they are being watched and photographed. After a long drive they arrive at a glade where they meet many happy campers pitching their tents. After setting up camp there is a lot of laughter, singing, dancing and drinking. The friends are laying numb on ground the next morning. The other campers are also waking up numb and clueless. They all have a red spot on their necks.





Bernhard Bozian
  Lena Baader
  Burak Akkoyun
I am taking part in this project, because I love working with the Spionjaks. I am looking forward to the crazy filming for a crazy project, which has never been done before like this in Germany. I am a total virgin in the horror/splatter genre and I am curious what is waiting for me.   I always wanted to join a real horror film with a lot of action and fight scenes. The Spionjak siblings and their team are all very dedicated. Everyone committed with a lot of love, blood, sweat and tears. It is a very family like atmosphere. Looking forward to an unforgettable time on the set! We will have tons of fun for sure!   Once again it is a great honor for me to bring my whole energy and to show what awesome movies the Spionjaks are making!
When I heard it is a horror/comedy, I knew it is gonna be wicked. A lot of suspense, much agility and above all humor.

Ewald Der
  Jakob Graf
  Max Meyr
When I heard about the movie Caedes I thought „how cool is that!“ I was very pleased about my role as Josè and the collaboration with the Spionjaks and the other actors. An action horror comedy made in Germany? You can´t say no to that!   The action-horror-comedy „Caedes - Forestglade of Death“ is practically a made „meal“ for someone like me. Not only that it was always a dream of mine to be part of a fantasy or horror film, but this project also allows me to combine my acting skills with my martial art experience.   I have always been a freak and have played pretty much everything in about 70 productions. But I never had an interest in a horror/splatter role. Both the script and Slavica convinced me that I just can´t say no to such an awesome project. I am excited to be part of this. Being the only non-German actor, my Vienna charm will bring that special something to the whole thing.
Tomi Babc
  Florian Simbeck
  Tobias Licht
"Hans Gruber"
What boy isn´t dreaming of being a part of an action movie that rocks! Right away it was clear to me that I am in.   Laughter and fright are very close together in entertainment. I don´t want to miss out on this unique chance to be part of a horror-comedy made in Germany.   After our first collaboration for „Between the Lines“ it was a pleasure for me to contribute to another crazy Spionjak project. It is always baffling what they can achieve, even with a small budget. It‘s not hard to imagine what they would do with a lot of money. Caedes has a very funny plot and my role was something entirely new for me.
  Frank Ramirez
  Gabriela Wirbel
It will be a fabulous adventure for me in the German Film genre - great cast - great crew - making movies with a passion. The German Film genre really is alive!   I like being an actor and performer very much. Besides that, because of my body size and style, roles in horror and fantasy movies are custom-made for me.   I am happy to take part in the Caedes movie as the craftsmanship of the Spionjaks and execution is appealing to me. I am also fascinated by Zombie and apocalyptic movies, because the subject has always moved me philosophically; forced new order and change in a long since gone stable system among the remaining people, which only a global pandemic can restructure. Money would no longer be ruler of the world...
AnQi Nimbach
  Ivi Babic
  Katja Schanz

I am part of the project because I am looking forward to getting to know the team and to be working to create such a good project together. And because I find the development of my character in the movie very interesting.

  When I heard about the movie I knew I had to be a part of it. I always wanted to play a Zombie and light a fire under people´s butts. Besides that, the fact alone that it is a UE Spionjak film is a guarantee that it will be good!   It is a great honor for me to be part of this movie. My first big production and then so much action and an incredible team, a lot of fun and a unique location and a great script. I am very anxious for the premiere.


Nikolai Will



Roland Leonhart


I am part of it, because sorry, if something so crazy and twisted is finally being filmed in Germany, I just have to be part of it! And hey, I am being tortured, that is one of my private passions a swell :)









Nic Mussel



Ante Curic



Robert Kohwagner



Dunja Knez



Klaus Kalteborn
-Tschiesi -



Carolin Bahr



Ella Esque
"Set Manager"



Trevor Coleman
"Film Music"




Rainer Metz



Katharina Grethlein
"SFX Mask"



Philip Rathgeber
"SFX Mask"



Katharina Armleder
"SFX Mask"



Petra Unertl
von DesignUP



Hannes Hangl





Lea Hangl



Brigitte Bichler




Alexandra Tartaglione
& Ivana Babic



Jessica Tartaglione



Kata Leucht



Jela Spionjak









Slavica Spionjak
"Story & Screenplay"



Slavko Spionjak
"Story & Screenplay"



Rita Fichtl-Spionjak
"Story & Screenplay"



Radim Hruska
"CO-Producer & PR"



Melanie Haschberger
"Executive Producer"



Konrad Hollensten
"Executive Producer"



Natalie Hölzl
"Executive Producer"














  Am 9. Oktober Deutschlandweit in Kino zu sehen
in MidnightMovie.

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  11.04.2015 - Kino im Schafstall  
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74523 Schwäbisch Hall
  14.04.2015 - Z-inema
Bergstr. 2
10115 Berlin (Mitte)















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